About Gisco

GISCO - Geophysical Instruments & Supply Company was started by Al Danish in April 1952 in Denver, Colorado.

During the uranium boom Danish marketed radiation detection instruments and field supplies to geologists and general prospectors.  Regrettably, Al Danish passed away in 1996 and GISCO was sold to its current owner and President, Nicholas Jermihov.  Jermihov moved GISCO to Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, where the company is currently located.

An expanded product line & worldwide reputation.

Over the years GISCO expanded its product line and established a worldwide reputation as a single-stop source for almost any geophysical instrument and geological field or lab instrument.  GISCO now specializes in sensitive, professional grade instruments for civil engineering, oil, mineral and ground water exploration.  GISCO also serves engineering geologists, hydrologists, paleontologists and meteorologists.  GISCO personnel provide the industry’s best expertise from a mix of geophysical, engineering and scientific backgrounds.  Our product knowledge and close working relationship with many manufacturers was developed to meet the needs of professional, academic and government communities.  With our technical experience we provide a capability of integration of instruments and technologies.  GISCO prides itself in being able to design and develop instruments for specific situations.  Finding answers to questions has been a key to our success.